3 Top Tips on Increasing Your Home Security

At long last summer has arrived, and it is a good one! It is tempting to fling wide all the windows and doors, crank the standing fan to its highest setting and enjoy the cooling through-flow of air, but this is like a gilt-edged invitation to the criminally minded. However, you do not have to swelter inside with every entrance and exit tightly sealed in order to protect your belongings and your home. These three tips should enable you to both enjoy the glorious sunshine and fresh air, and keep your valuables safe and sound, protected from curious eyes and prying fingers!

Keep Burglars at a Distance!

Invest in some perimeter security to keep undesirables from wandering around your garden or yard unchecked. Perimeter security can be physical or it can be electronic, or perhaps even a combination of the two. An example of a physical security feature could be a tall, imposing fence that physically blocks entry. Electronic protection can be motion sensors that use an infra-red beam that sounds an alarm when broken. Making sure that the only way into the property is via the front or back driveways can give an instant feeling of security, especially if you invest in some form of door camera and intercom that will allow you to ascertain exactly who is at the door and what they want before exposing you or your home to them.

Do Not Tempt the Feloniously Inclined…

Some thieves are very opportunistic, only deciding to steal when they can actually see valuable items, especially if they are small and easy to carry. Keep car keys, purses and jewellery well inside the house, preferably hidden from view at the front door or windows. If a cold-caller happens to see these items in easy reach of the doorway, they may well be tempted to come back later to try and hook them through the letterbox, cat-flap or even through an open window. If there is nothing there to see, it is more probable that they will move on and find an easier target.

Upgrade Your Windows and Doors

Are your current windows and doors the original ones that came with house? If so, they are probably the least secure part of your home! Just because they close relatively tightly and seem to be in good condition is no guarantee that you are safe from a determined burglar! Modern windows are made from new materials, reinforced and strong enough to withstand most tools of the burglary trade – in fact, so confident are we at Gallaghers Windows, Doors & Conservatories that we will back the strength of our windows to the tune of £100 each should someone succeed in breaking the lock at the point of entry! Our doors also look fabulous – even coming with attractive, especially strengthened, glass panels – and are robust and tough enough to withstand the toughest knocks.

If you only take one of these actions, make it the upgrade to your windows and doors – it really does not matter who is in your garden, or what they can see through your windows if they cannot breach the points of entry! Call us today to discuss all the wonderful options available and to get a quote for having your home burglar-proofed in style!