Your front door is one of the most important features of your house – it should be secure yet welcoming.

Our range of stylish composite doors use the latest design technology to ensure that they offer high performance and, if necessary, match your existing windows/home design.

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Why Choose Composite Doors?

Composite doors are one of the most up to date type of door used in homes. Our composite doors have been designed to solve the common problems that were experienced with singular material doors.

Manufactured using a combination of materials, composite doors have the following benefits:

  • More weather resistant
  • Higher thermal resistance and more energy efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • More secure

If you’ve been looking for a way to improve the insulation in your house, increase your level of security and improve the outdoor appearance of your home, call our door installation team today to discuss your composite door requirements.


Composite doors are the best option for a secure entrance door. Composite doors are more weather resistant, have higher thermal resistance and more energy efficient, low maintenance, and more secure. uPVC doors have their own energy saving and aesthetic benefits – but are made mainly of reinforced plastic.

Composite doors are handmade to each customer’s precise specifications. The doors are made to be tight and securely bonded together. We use state of the art design technology to make sure that our composite doors are of the highest performance and quality – and can match your chosen design preferences.

Composite doors should last you a good 30 years at a minimum. We see them more as an investment in long term security and insulation for your home.

Composite doors are the most secure type of door on the market. Their combination of different, tough materials helps them withstand the elements. The reinforced plastic is especially good at resisting dents, scratches and bumps – for a long period of time.

Composite doors are made up of a number of different materials, which helps make them study and long-lasting. They often have a timber centre but are surrounded by materials like uPVC, laminate, or reinforced plastic.

Composite doors are a type of door that is designed to look like a traditional, classic front door, but is built with reinforced materials to make it stronger, more secure, and longer-lasting.

The main difference between uPVC doors and composite doors is that uPVC doors are made up mainly of plastic, but composite doors are made up of a variety of different materials.

Transform Your Home

Your front door is one of the first things your visitors will lay eyes on when they come to your home. Transforming your property’s exterior with one of our composite doors couldn’t be easier.

We have a fantastic selection of colours and styles, meaning that whatever design you are going for, we will have a composite door to suit your taste.

To discuss your composite door design ideas, or to find out more about our range, contact us for further details.

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