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UPVC Double Glazing Windows Milton Keynes & Buckinghamshire

Choosing the right windows for your home is one of the most important decisions you will have to make as a homeowner. That is why Gallaghers Windows, Doors & Conservatories Ltd offer a wide range of styles to enable you to pick what is right for you and your home. We offer long lasting virtually maintenance free installation of windows in the Milton Keynes area providing the finishing touch to your home.

Our UPVC Windows come in two distinctive styles – Ovolo which features a classic sculptured curve to the frame edge and chamfered, which has straight clean lines for a contemporary feel. The profile frames are 70mm, internally glazed, and a robust reinforcing as standard. Energy saving ‘Pilkington K glass’ and our practical and stylish windows come in various colours, which allows you to colour co-ordinate your front door and fascia, soffits and guttering requirements. Whichever you choose you can be guaranteed that we are fitting the best and secure windows to your home.


Try opening the window sightly or getting a dehumidifier, especially if steam is present from having had a shower. This will help circulate the air and reduce the condensation in between the panes of glass. If the condensation becomes unmanageable, it’s probably time to consider getting new double glazed windows.

The argon gas that sits between the panes of glass is a poor conductor of heat, meaning that the warm air from the heating in your home cannot escape easily. This makes double glazing incredibly successful at keeping your home warm. Double glazing is a worthwhile investment for people who want to improve energy efficiency and save a bit of money on their bills in the long run.

The two panes of glass that form double glazed windows absorb sound vibrations travelling through the gas, therefore acting as a dampener to noise, and reducing disturbance from outside noise.

The lifespan of your double glazing will depend on several factors. It isn’t a “one size fits all” scenario. The condition of your home in general, its location, and the quality of installation and manufacturer can all affect the amount of time you’ll get out of your double glazing. Generally, however, if these factors are all considered, your double-glazed windows should last between 20-30 years.

There are several ways to try to identify how old your double glazing is. As the windows get older, a small gap between the panes will form. You also might notice • condensation between the panes • draughts coming in • increase in noise • stiffness • leaks

Generally, in the UK, double glazed windows are somewhere between 20mm-24mm, but sometimes up to 28mm. However, the optimum thickness for thermal insulation is 24mm.

Providing a vast range of window styles

Our range of superbly styled and crafted windows enhance the character of any home, adding value as well as ensuring security and peace of mind with our tough quality designs. The Gallaghers Windows, Doors & Conservatories Ltd range of UPVC windows include our standard casement, continental ‘tilt and turn’ and our vertical sliding sash style. All our windows are made to measure individually ready for installation to transform your home in Milton Keynes.

We are so confident in the strength and quality of our windows, we promise to pay £100 towards the cost of a replacement window in the event of a break in where the lock fails at the point of entry – how is that for peace of mind.

Gallaghers Windows, Doors & Conservatories Ltd offer a wide range of UPVC Windows across Milton Keynes. The variety of our combinations of fixed and opening sections enable a choice perfect for your: