Common Causes of Gutter Damage: Solved

Maintaining gutters is a very important job, and one which many of us can often neglect. Gutters often suffer from being out of sight, and therefore out of mind. However, this attitude can lead to all kinds of problems on the roof of your home.

But what causes damaged gutters? Whether it’s your house, or conservatory gutters in question, there are a number of possible reasons that the guttering may become blocked or damaged. The primary reason is usually debris accumulation. This is where matter builds up in your gutters over months and years. This debris can decompose, and cause gutter clogs as it transforms into a solid sheet of rotten matter, leading to overflowing gutters.

Blockages & Water Damage
This debris can lead to further issues, as it can dry out and be a fire risk. Blockages will ultimately lead to overflowing gutters which can increase the risk of damage to your walls and roof. Obviously, the best way of ensuring that debris do not gather is to check your guttering as often as practicable, and to make sure that all debris is removed as soon as possible.

Cracking, Breaks & Physical Damage
Accumulated debris is not the only cause of gutter damage, however. Care must be taken when checking and cleaning gutters, as leaning ladders against them can often lead to cracking. This causes leaks, and therefore more possible damage to walls and fittings.

Pest Nests & Infestations
Pest infestation can be another cause of gutter damage. Pests such as wasps can make their homes in accumulated debris, and this can lead to difficult and somewhat dangerous situations when it comes to removing nests. Keeping gutters free of debris is the best way of minimising the chances of pests moving in.

Ice Build-Up & Winter Weather
A further possible cause of damage is ice, something which can be difficult to avoid in winters in the UK. Ice formation in gutters can lead to cracking and splitting, which in turn causes leaks and the possibility of further structural damage. Salt and warm water are often the best tools in the battle against ice. Ice dams can form on roofs as a result of blockages cause by freezing water, so it is important to check your gutters in cold weather.

Overflowing gutters can cause unsightly stains on your walls, as well as damage to foundations and fittings. Overflowing water can erode parts of your house surprisingly quickly, as well as lead to internal leaks. Neglect can very soon lead to all kinds of hard-to-solve issues.

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