Winter Warmers: Which Areas of Your Home to Target

When the winter months roll in, we’re always a little too eager to just turn up the thermostat and swelter in the comfort of convenience. Simply hitting the ‘winter’ switch on our central heating systems is not however the most efficient way to keep your home warm.

The National Insulation Association and the Energy Saving Trust both provide some startling statistics: up to 20 per cent of heat loss occurs through poorly maintained windows and doors, with a further 25 per cent lost through poorly insulated loft and roof spaces.

Windows and Doors

Double glazing and draft excluders are the most obvious solution to heat loss through gaps and cracks in window and door frames and through cheaper types of glass. If you’re feeling the chill this winter, it might be time to consider an upgrade to double glazing if you don’t have it already, and if gaps in wooden window and door frames are causing a problem then it might be worth considering switching to UPVC for both comfort and security. If you already have these measures in place then check out thermal lined curtains or quality blinds which could make significant savings when you assess your energy bill.

Roofs and Lofts

Poorly insulated lofts are the cause of 25% of a home’s heat loss. Proper insulation will significantly reduce your bill, and there are also several maintenance measures you need to take to ensure that your roof and loft space is in good repair. The fascias and soffits that bridge your house and your guttering can warp and wear over time, leading to drafts and damp.

You should be particularly careful to check for signs that vegetation might be growing from your gutters into the smalls gaps in the joints and fittings of your guttering, and whether you have lose roof tiles. If you have metal guttering, it might be time to consider switching to low-maintenance, high-wear UPVC.

In our 25 years of service to our customers in Milton Keynes, we at Gallaghers have traversed every icy plane of disrepair and mounted the summits of every energy saving solution imaginable. We take great pride in not only ensuring our customers homes look warm but that they stay warm, without costing the earth. Contact us today to find out how we can help you boost comfort, style and efficiency.